Get First Page Ranking on Google in 5 Minutes! It’s Free!

Have you Googled yourself lately? You should. Most people are branding themselves these days, so having a consistent, first page Google presence is essential and a no-brainer. You want people to find you quickly and easily, right? Well, here’s how you can get yourself listed with your name and picture on the first page anytime anyone Googles you.

1. Create a Google account. You probably already have one if you have a gmail account. Just go to At the right top of the page is a “Sign In” link. Click it.

2. If you have an account, type in your email address and password. If not, create a new account. You’ll see that option below the sign in box.

3. Once you’ve created a Google account and have confirmation, Sign In.

4. Your Google Account Page will open. On the top of the page is your Profile area. Edit your Profile to include a photo, professional bio and external links to your website and social media sites.

5. Once you’re happy with your profile, hit the submit button. You should see a message on the top of the page that says, “Your profile is eligible to be featured in Google search results.” If you do, you’re finished. If you get another message saying you need more information to be featured, then take another minute or so to edit more information into your profile.

6. Google yourself. On the first page at the bottom, you should see your name as a link to your Google profile, you pix and other links to your other social media sites.

How easy was that? Feel free to share this little gold nugget of information with your friends!

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5 Steps to Improving Your English Speaking Skills

Numerous organizations and companies have started to make ‘speaking in English’ a mandatory even when you apply for a job or go to attend an interview. It is important for one to acquire the English language as if it were their own mother tongue. Speaking in English comfortably and flawlessly will take some time and you’ve accepted it but can you neutralize your accent?

Well, Yes! Yes you can.

How to go about it?

Start by implanting a few regular practices in your day-to-day lifestyle. The more you practice, the quicker the learning process will end and soon you will be able to speak like a native English speaker. Don’t bother about whether you want to adapt the British or the American accent, instead aim at adapting correct English.

5 Vital Steps Process:

Observation – Carefully observe the mouth movements of those who speak in English fluently. Slowly and softly repeat what they just said in the same manner (imitate). This will help you catch the intonation and rhythm of their speech.

Slow Down – Yes, of course, it is exciting to have adapted to a language but try to speak slowly until you have a grip on the accent and tempo. Don’t worry about your listener getting annoyed with your slow speech. It’s better to speak more slowly than to speak in wrong English.

Music for the soul – Listen to slow and soothing English numbers that will give you a chance to listen and understand the pronunciation of the words as well as the accent being used in the sound track. Try not to get too influenced by such songs and maintain the accent you are comfortable in.

Use the Dictionary – Familiarize yourself well enough with the words that bother you. Lay emphasis on words that you just cannot pronounce. Use the dictionary and look up for the correct pronunciation of words that have got you going bonkers.

Read Aloud? – It has been proven with significant evidence that reading aloud in English on a daily basis over a brief period of three months develops strong mouth muscles, which is extremely essential especially while learning and adapting a new language.

Medicinal properties of FoxNut (Euryale ferox ) or “Makhana”

The plant foxnut belongs to the family Nymphaeaceae. It is popularly known as “Makhana” in India. It grows in water and is found in India, Korea, Japan and Russia.

Fox nut plant does not have stem. It has large round leaves and produces bright purple flowers. The whole plant is covered with small thorns (kantaka) .The leaves of fox nut plant have green upper surface and purple shaded lower surface. This plant produces fruits which are about the size of a small orange. Each fruit contains 8-10 seeds which are of pea size.

According to texts of ayurveda foxnut or makhana tastes sweet( madhura rasa) and is heavy to digest (guru). It increases moisture level in body tissues (snigdha and sheeta veerya).

Medicinal properties of makhana
The seeds of foxnut are used in ayurvedic preparations. Fox nut alleviates vata and pitta dosha. It strengthens the heart and is very useful in anemia. Makhana increases quality and quantity of semen, prevents premature ejaculation, increases libido and helps in female infertility. It is an important ingredient of herbal preparations used for erectile dysfunction. It strengthens body and increases energy level. Because of its aphrodisiac properties it is grouped under vrishyadi varga. The herbs under this group are used in vajikarana therapy.

The texts of ayurveda describe properties of foxnut or makhanna as follows

“makhannam snigdhavrishyam cha garbhasamsthapakam param |
Vatapitta haram balyam sheetam pittasradaahanut ||”
Makhanna increases stickiness of secretions by increasing moisture level in body. Hence it increases quality and quantity of semen and useful in impotence. It helps to increase the fertility in women and reduces vata and pitta. It strengthens the body and reduces burning sensation and quenches thirst.

Uses of Fox nut or makhana in alternative medicine systems

According to principles of traditional Chinese medicine fox nut or Makhana is used to strengthen spleen and kidneys. It is indicated in conditions like spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, neuralgia, incontinence, chronic diarrhea etc. According to herbalists it is helpful in preventing early discharge of semen and restores sexual vigor in older men.( Because of this property the fox nut is categorized under Vajikarana dravyas in texts of ayurveda.) Makhana helps in conditions like arthritis, erectile dysfunction and premature aging. This herb has antioxidant properties and helps in digestion, rejuvenates respiratory system and prevents frequent urination.

Makhana sweet pudding:

Roast 1 cup of makhana in 3 tea spoon of ghee in a thick bottomed vessel. Powder roasted makhanas coarsely. Boil 2 cups of milk add powdered makhana to it. Add 3/4 cup sugar and stir well. Allow it to boil for few minutes. If needed more of hot milk can be added to get required consistency. Take it off from fire, add powdered cardamom, chopped almonds, raisins and cashewnuts.

Improve your English by reading Newspaper

If you really want to develop your English Language Communication Skills, you will have many more interesting ways and you need to apply them sincerely. One of the interesting ways is reading English newspapers regularly for at least half an hour daily. Do not miss reading newspapers in English language even for one day and if you keep on reading newspapers for a period of six months or nine months regularly you will be really surprised by noticing the progress of yours. Given below are some very important tips that you have to follow while or during the newspapers of English language.

Tips to be followed to improve your English by reading English Newspapers:

1.Firstly, you must select a newspaper which suits you better. Reading the standard newspapers in the initial stage is rather difficult one, so select the newspaper that uses simple language and simple words.
2.Select two or three articles and note down difficult words and learn their meanings with the help of a standard dictionary.
3.While going through the sentences observe very carefully how they are written.
4.Guess the meaning of the words that you don’t understand. Don’t refer to a dictionary immediately.
5.Try to use the words and sentences/expressions that you read in the newspapers in your day-to-day conversations with different people.
6.Make it a regular habit of reading English newspaper every day. You will not witness much progress if you give up this habit.
7.Although it is a newspaper don’t read it like that; instead read the newspaper of English just like one of your academic subjects.
8.Keep a pocket note book and enter the new words and expressions that you learn every day by reading newspapers of English.
9.Revise the new words and expressions that you have learned at least twice in a month. Even if you have forgotten them, this kind of revision will help you to recollect them again.
10.By reading more and more the English newspapers you will also get command over writing skill also with in no time. Make an attempt to write your views and feedback to the Editor.
11.One more important advantage that you will get by reading English newspapers regularly is your grasping power will be developed and as a result of this, your reading skills will automatically be improved.
12.You can participate in JAM Sessions, Debates and in Group discussions easily and effectively by reading English newspapers regularly because already you have started gaining more knowledge in terms of vocabulary, information and above all the formation of sentences.